Kevin V.

Kevin is an artist at our Wyoming location.  


  1. skylar says:

    i recommend getting your piercings from kevin. he’s very patient, very chill, and doesn’t get irritated when asked to change the piercing spot you want. also very quick with the piercing all while making sure everything is sanitary.
    i’ve gotten 2 piercings from him: nose and belly button. both good experiences with him

  2. Aleeyah says:

    My fav

  3. Hannah says:

    Big fan, has done 6 of my piercings. Never makes me suffer. 10/10

  4. Andrea Ferrell says:

    Kevin did a wonderful job. He was so calm and knowledgeable, even in the face of my teenager’s freak out. Getting her nose tapered hurt more that she expected and he very easily walked her through it. 100% would recommend.

  5. Adelaine says:

    Kevin is so freaking awesome when it comes to piercings very patient and funny.

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