Screaming Needle Tattoo would like to introduce our new piercings special. Every Tuesday you can still get pierced by yourself and get our great 2 for 30 special or if you bring in a friend you can both get two piercings and get all four of them for 50 dollars. That is 2 piercings on each person for 25 dollars each. Each person must get 2 and to get our new great deal you must bring in a friend with you. If you come alone it is still 2 for 30 dollars. But lets be honest, who can beat that? Only we can. To recap, you can come in alone and get our 2 for 30 or you can bring in a friend with you and get 4 for 50.

Commonly asked questions

Q: Can I do 2 for 25 instead?
A: No. To get the new deal you have to bring in a friend and split it with them

Q: Do you still offer the 2 for 30?
A: Yes. You can still get our same great 2 for 30 if you come in alone.

Q: How many people can I bring in the room if I have 3 friends with me?
A: One. The Health Department only allows us one person in the room per client.

Q: What if I come in alone and want 3 piercings?
A: That would be our 2 for 30 special and an additional piercing. All basic piercings are 20 so it would be 50.

Q: Could I get all 4 piercings for 50 on myself?
A: No. This special only applies when you bring in a friend and split it with them.

Q: Does an industrial count as one piercing?
A: No. An industrial piercing is 2 piercings connected by one piece of jewelry.

Q: Does the special apply to skin divers?
A: No. Skin divers are a specialized trans-dermal piercing. Skin diver prices are 1 for 50 and 2 for 80.

Q: Is the special only on Tuesdays?
A: Yes. The 2 for 30 and the 4 for 50 only run on Tuesdays.

Q: How much are basic piercings normally?
A: All basic piercings are 20 dollars?

Q: What do I need to bring with me if I am a minor?
A: We would need either a state ID, Drivers license, school ID, Passport, Year book, and the original birth certificate from the minor. We would also need a parent with their ID as well. Legal Guardians need to bring in guardianship papers from the court.