After an apprenticeship at Eastside Tattoos, in Grand Rapids, I began tattooing in 2007 professionally, and have since traveled across the USA tattooing. I have a wide variety of artistic influences, including but not limited to, Salvador Dali, Edvard Munch, Alphonse Mucha, German Impressionism, Trash-polka, Retro and other modern styles. I personally enjoy all forms of art, painting, ink, tattoos, sculpture, cooking ect. Having traveled across the world at a young age, I’ve had the chance to see things/places, that some only dream of. I believe that reflects in my art, and in the passion I have for this growing industry. I try not to limit myself to one specific style, as being versatile allows me to give my client the best I can offer, and allows me to grow as an artist every day. That being said, stylized realism is my favorite style of tattooing. (painter-esque). Over all I really love what I do for a living, not only growing as an artist, but as a person as well.